About Bertil Garpenholt

Bertil Garpenholt has a CV that spans over many different areas. From a Men´s clothes designer to Public Speaker was a long road gathering experience from many fields. Bertil started out after school as a retail sales clerk in a men´s clothing store, and then as an educated mens tailor Bertil worked as a designer for a major jeans company in Stockholm Sweden (Gul & Bla), from there to a regional sales manager for Levi´s jeans in Sweden. Bertil worked as a freelance sales rep and designer. During all years Bertil played golf and was fascinated by the golf swing, and how to improve which led to more study and and as a distributor of golf equipment, he finally became a qualified PGA professional. 

But the game of golf tokk overhand and Bertil joined the PGA rank of Golf Professional, thanks to a tip from Jim McLean. He fulfilled his PGA training in Austria where ha worked as head professional for 10 years. As a part of the business, Bertil also run a succesful Pro Shop.

With his experience and success as professional Bertil was apointed  National Coach for the teams of Guatemala, where he also served as Direrctor of Golf at La Reunion, Antigua Golf Resort.

Bertil then returned to Sweden and was apointed Director of Golf in a club in the western part of Sweden for two years and then managed a 9 hole course in the south of Sweden. Not only managing, Bertil was active in the maintainance work. During this time Bertil qualified and became Mental Coach by the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland.

Bertil went back to teaching and working as a mental coach at two clubs and also during winter time he organaized group travels and worked as a professional at Costa Navarino Golf Resort in Greece.

After all this experienc gathered, Bertil has decided to work freelance as Golf Prorofessional and Mental Coach and giving seminars and public speaches to the hospitality business, which include golf and and other business that needs a high grade of service quality.

To be able to hold seminars in this business, you must have a broad experience in all field as the business is very complex. The hospitality business is actually part of the entertainment industry, where there are actually three parts that you must do well.

  1. The welcome of guests and members, to give them a good feeling
  2. The experience that the guest/member gets during his stay
  3. The good bye and here many facilities are failing

With all his experience Bertil and knowledge from different parts of the globe Bertil is an authority in this business. He is also an entertainer and can talk to all level of people. “From the broduction floor to the board room” Bertil can deliver. So what he offers, wether it is golf instruction, mental coaching or as a public speaker in smaller or larger groups, you will receive a great experience.